Education Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Education Programme of the McKenzie Institute International.


McKenzie courses are presented in some countries where there is currently no branch of the Institute. These courses are organised by the Institute's Head Office. To see where we currently have international courses scheduled follow this link

To find out more about these courses or to enquire about hosting a course in your country, please contact the Institute's Head Office, email 

Part A must be completed first, and Part D completed last.  The order for completing Parts B and C is at the discretion of the course participant.  Completion of Parts A to D is a prerequisite for the Credentialling Examination.  

Courses are taught by Faculty contracted to the International Head Office with licensing renewed on an annual basis. For specific courses Faculty are appointed by the branch conducting the course (or Head Office for International courses).

Faculty are selected, trained and performance monitored according to strict criteria to ensure the highest standards of education. Faculty are all licensed clinicians holding a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and current clinicians in clinical practice treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions for a minimum of 800 hours per annum in direct patient care.

Clinicians who have completed the full Education Programme (Parts A to D) and have successfully passed the Credentialling Examination will attain Credentialled status and the right to identify themselves as a ‘Credentialled’ McKenzie clinician through use of the title: Cred. MDT

Local branches have policies governing these eventualities. If you need to cancel or postpone please contact your branch as soon as possible to see what alternative arrangements can be made.

Yes - McKenzie Institute branches run refresher courses in their respective countries. See your branch website for details.