Research Task Force

The McKenzie USA Research Task Force (RTF) is a workgroup of clinicians and researchers committed to generating research related to Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). The RTF meets quarterly to provide updates on projects currently underway and generates ideas regarding future investigations.

The RTF may also provide advice regarding MDT research that may have the greatest impact on musculoskeletal care, as well as suggestions on research design, method, or structure.

The RTF will function to provide advice through the following mechanism, with all communication being conducted electronically:

    1. Research questions are to be submitted to the Research Advisory Committee via the MII website. Click on "Submit Research Question" (below) and send an email.
    2. Questions submitted will then be forwarded to a subcommittee chairperson of the RTF for initial screening. All communication will be through this chairperson and not to individual members of the RTF
    3. The outcome of the initial screening will result in either:

      a) The research question is determined inappropriate or further information is required. In this case, an email will be sent to the person who submitted it.

      b) The subcommittee chairperson will forward the question to one or more members of the RTF who will formulate a response. A response time of 3 weeks will be aimed for. Their response(s) will be sent back to the subcommittee chairperson who will send a summary of the responses back to the submitter within 4 weeks of receipt.

      c) The research question may then be presented and discussed at the quarterly task force meeting to develop the idea and potential research project further.

The role of the RTF is not to develop research proposals for individuals or to take projects developed by individuals through a Human Subjects Review process.